About Us


We have a truly wonderful team of healers and teachers with great energy at your service.  We are from both North and South America, and we believe that you will absolutely love our team!!  Our naturopathic doctor, Melanie Icard, is joined by a yoga and meditation teacher, energy healers, shamans and the best local people for nature and healing.

We are all real and caring people just like you.  We warmly welcome you and can’t wait to spend this very unique and special time with you!


Dr. Melanie Icard

As a physician and a member of the community of life I know how busy and stressful it can be at times.  It is often difficult to initiate healthy suggestions made by health care providers.  I truly believe in our innate ability to heal ourselves and am happy to offer a place and tools to help you obtain a place of health, happiness, and peace.  My passions lie in mind body medicine and addressing all aspects of health; energetic, nutrition, exercise, meditation, herbs, mind, body and spirit.

Andrea Oyarzun

Totally in love with nature. I left my country when i was 28 looking for my true self. This is my life.
I was living unconnected from the system for 5 years, so i meet many cultures and realities that make me to come back to my roots. Always looking to heal myself, i learned a lot about therapies, plants, crystals, nutrition, energy and the powerful that we can be when we connect ourselves with nature. Today I’m  back in Chile, and i I live to share my knowledge with others through creation in all its forms.

Iregy Madhana

Iregy Madhana borned in Cusco. Educated under the lineage of Yoga Yoguismo, believes in union in the diversity and self-knowledge. With 5 years of experience teaching Hatha Yoga (as a  certified Yoga teacher) and some other styles as AcroYoga, Pregnant Yoga, Mommy and baby Yoga and Partner Yoga. Iregy has shared her Yoga practice in Lima, Arequipa, Piura, Cusco and Huanuco,