How would you describe the style of the retreats?

Relaxation, freedom, joy, and a free-spirited time for healing yourself.

We are a very flowing group, we don’t have a schedule or rules. The only rule is to listen to inner yourself and be true to yourself.

Do I need a passport?

Yes. A passport is required for international travel. And, Ecuador uses American currency.

How do I sign-up?

Here at E-Mail us at Call Dr. Mel at 480-392-1098. Or, Facebook message us!

Do I have to participate in each activity?

Absolutely not. WE only offer things that we find beneficial and fulfilling. However if something is not feeling right for you, please listen to yourself and do not worry about offending anyone. Because that will not happen.

What is the deadline for reservations?

We appreciate a minimum of 2-weeks advance notice, although a month is better so we can reserve the space for you at our accommodations. Do not let this detour you, we are always flexible and welcoming.

Will I be able to communicate back home?

Wi-Fi (internet) is available at all of the places we stay and many restaurants and bars in the communities. Texting on whatsapp is free internationally. Facebook is also a great way to communicate.

What is the policy on drugs, alcohol, and tobacco?

There are no policies. If you are to do a shamanic ceremony though you need to abstain from drugs and alcohol for a minimum of one day, more is better. Dr. Mel is a doctor that certifies medical card patients in AZ, and that medical marijuana is acceptable.

I have a disability, physical or otherwise. Can I still come?

There is a lot of walking and steps in our different accommodations. Mobility problems are not recommended for these retreats.

How safe is the retreat?

You are very safe with us. Ecuador has a stable government and economy. We use only the best and most trusted service providers and accommodations for our guest and ourselves. We meet you at the airport and we are with you throughout the retreat. If you need time alone that is fine also. Whatever you need we will help to accommodate.

How much do the retreats cost?

Your own room cost $3,600 (USD), shared room $2,500 (USD).

This cost covers all on-retreat transportation, accommodations, meals, therapies, and nature excursions. The only expenses not included are airfare to and from your home to Ecuador, alcohol, and your personal shopping.

Once I am signed-up, what’s the next step?

Fill out your participant form and we will contact you. Make sure your passport is up to date. When we contact you we will let you know what flights other participants will be on to help assist in your booking of your flight.

Are there any strange sounds? At night?

Yes, you will hear animals, especially near the jungle and beach areas. Frogs, bugs, howling monkeys, roosters. This is usually not bothersome to most people. However if you know you are a light sleeper you may want to bring earplugs and let Dr. Mel know as she has many good remedies as well.

Do you offer scholarship or discount?

If you’ve attended one of our previous retreats, we offer a 10% discount on all future retreats. We also like to offer discounts to medical students. Traveling in a group? We can offer you a group rate. Willing to share your accomadations and make a new friend? We can give you a discounted rate as well.

What is the general code of conduct?

Just be happy and be yourself. We are very much about flowing and doing what comes naturally with a simple guideline of what we want to do. If you want to go out and party and dance, that’s fine and we will go with you. We think having fun is very important!! And also doing what you want. We want you to feel free.

What are the accommodations like?

We offer only the best available and comfortable accommodations with the kindest and gentlest hosts. Comfortable beds and rooms that are cleaned daily with their own bathrooms. The beach retreat offers patios with their own hammocks for each casita. The Cuenca hotel has a beautiful garden and view of the river. Posada Ingapirca Hotel is with view and walking distance to the Incan ruins, and has a beautiful farm.

Does this Alive & Revive Retreat have any religious affiliation?

We have absolutely no religious affiliation.

What should I bring?

Bikini or some form of swimsuit. Lightweight clothing for the beach area and a hat are recommended. Bring your own sunblock and after sun lotions. Some seasons require bug repellant for the mosquitos. The mountains can be chilly, so pants and a sweater/light jacket are needed. Sandals for the beach and comfortable tennis shoes or hiking boots are recommended. You may choose to bring a beach towel, beach chairs are available for rent quite cheaply. Small bills are important because “good luck” getting change for a $20.00!

What can I purchase nearby?

Locally made jewelry, colorful tapestries, purses, shoes, and clothing are abundant. Ecuador has amazing chocolates. Like hammocks? This is the place to get awesome hammocks and hammock chairs. Feel free to barter, prices are usually negotiable.

Is my trip refundable?

Once booked we can transfer you to a future retreat if needed. A partial refund may be available in certain circumstances. Please understand that we reserve rooms for you when you book.

Can I make payments on a schedule to afford this?

Absolutely, we want more than anything for you to get this experience. We offer a payment plan of 50% down and 2 payments to complete 2 weeks before the trip. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries.

Do I need to have my own health insurance in case of emergency?

The hospital care is free in Ecuador. You will simply be sent to the pharmacy to replenish supplies used on you.

What agreements must I make in order to participate?

We ask for you to sign a consent to treat. We would like to be able to use photos and videos if you consent and a from is available for that also.

What will the meals be like?

We offer delicious vegetarian food with a beautiful presentation.